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A SIP/Skype Gateway Is NOT In The Forecast

Guest Post: Hudson Barton is a communicatons consultant whose Borderless Communicator blog not only talks about Skype and related IP communications activity but also attempts to track Skype’s “real usage”. According to his analysis, Skype has just cracked the 30 million real or” currenlty active” user number (based on tracking Users Online vs time-of-day). What […]

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HD Voice: “Priceless”

VoIP Pioneer Tom Evslin articulates the Skype HD Voice experience. One of the last sessions I attended at Fall VON was on the topic of HD Voice where several presenters talked about various means to achieve much higher quality voice conversations. Several examples were given about how HD Voice, with its much higher bandwidth, actually […]

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A Primer for Skype’s Direction – Skype’s Extras Gallery and Developer Partner Program

This is the fourth post in a series summarizing the current state of Skype’s ecosystem and providing a perspective on the assets in place for a new CEO to run with. Getting to the Present Alec Saunders’ Voice 2.0 Manifesto talks about Applications as the value creators in a Voice 2.0 world. Once again Skype […]

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Skype Refreshed … And Looking Beyond Being a Telco

Just over a month ago a two-day Skype outage caused great consternation with predictions of gloom and doom for Skype. Early yesterday here in California (around 1600GMT) I noticed almost 9.7 million users online — back to about the same number as peak loads immediately prior to the outage. Somebody out there is continuing to […]

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Skype Continues to be Profitable in Spite of Activity Drop

Skype revenue up, profitable for 2nd consecutive quarter, but usage down? eBay’s quarterly earnings conference this afternoon revealed little about Skype; we got the usual numbers: In the more detailed presentation by CFO Bob Swan, he provided two additional numbers: Skype-to-Skype Minutes: 7.1 million, down from 7.7 million in Q1 SkypeOut Minutes: 1.3 million, flat […]

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Mid-Week Update: Marketing Innovation; 25 Skype Tips and more….

Recall our “Note to Innovators: Market Thyself” post over the weekend triggered by Andy’s VoIP Watch post on Why Some Innovate and Die, discussing the importance of marketing considerations in building a business. Alec Saunders has responded with several low cost suggestions for doing market research that don’t involve hiring a Forrester or Gartner: Bottom […]

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AT&T and Rogers Emulating Skype?

In spite of the recent pricing announcements, Skype has always been known for its free Skype-to-Skype calls. This not only covers calls between two parties who are simply using Skype but also to those parties in a conference call who are on Skype. And international borders do not exist for these calls. Seems like the […]

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Vonage – All About Digging a Hole

GigaOM today reported on Vonage’s latest results: new subscribers down, churn is up, ARPU is down, subscriber acquisition costs up. All indicators going in the wrong direction; in fact, one could say that Vonage continues to dig its own hole (as predicted here and here). Maybe Vonage’s board could use Vonage’s latest service announced yesterday: […]

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Testing Your VoIP Connection

Recently a couple of posts discussing VoIP Quality: Om Malik reports on a Brix Networks study, based on data collected on Acceptable Call Quality via their TestYourVoIP.com site. Note that Brix also announces the availability of this service as a Google Gadget (for Google Desktop) providing ongoing measurement of the quality of your connection for […]

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Data in Support of the Voice 2.0 Manifesto

With the turbulent migration to VoIP occurring in 2006, it will be interesting to track usage and subscriber data to support the impact of VoIP and Voice 2.0 business models. A couple of items that appeared this week: Skype vs Vonage in the UK: Heather Hopkins of Hitwise, an online Internet usage monitoring service, has […]

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