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Christopher Dean, Skype CSO at VON 2009: Skype Becoming Disruptive About Business

Building on Skype’s recent announcements of its evolving Skype for Business activities, Chief Strategy Office Christopher Dean gave a keynote address yesterday at a joint VON/Channel Partners Conference session. Three posts have followed up on the session: Khali Henderson, in Skype Not Just Telecom’s “Bad Boy”, CSO Says, reports Christopher’s overview of their approach to […]

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Embedded Skype: Is It Powered by Veri-Call or GIPS?

Since its inception the secret sauce that results in the excellent voice quality of Skype-to-Skype calls and facilitates quality in Skype-to/from_SkypeIn/Out calls has been the Voice Engine for PC and Voice Engine for (Windows) Mobile licensed by Skype from Global IP Sound (often referred to as “GIPS”). Monday came the announcement that Skype has licensed […]

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VON Fall 2006 Tidbits….

VON Fall 2006 is over; it certainly helped put into perspective where we are in the IP voice and video communications space at this time. Video I: Jeff Pulver’s presentation included a demonstration of the Vividas high definition video streaming using the Ghost Rider trailer. Select “Watch Trailer in High Definition” from the options. Amazing […]

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Fall VON 2006 – Whither IM?

Monday afternoon’s first Fall VON 2006 plenary session, IM: The State of Presence, featuring a panel of executives and managers from the GYMAS-five representing over 90% of the IM usage worldwide: Dan Casey, Director, Windows Live VoIP and Messenger Product Management, Microsoft Jeff Bonforte, Director of Voice Product Management, Yahoo! Nitzan Shaer, Director, Mobile Devices, […]

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Fall VON 2006 Special – Time to Move Beyond Skype WiFi Phones

This is the second post in a series reviewing wireless devices in the emerging Personal Handheld Assistant space; the ultimate aim is to identify roles that Skype can play in this market of converged functionality devices. This is a special post in the series that was triggered by a VON Fall 2006 session. Links to […]

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Fall VON and The PR Tsunami

Monday marks the start of Fall VON and really the first conference for which I, as a blogger, have been registered well in advance as “Press”. Over the past few weeks I started receiving emails from public relations representatives (either internal or external to the sponsoring company) and, with a few exceptions — they know […]

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