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Skype Video Gets Exposure; Oprah.com Suffers Congestive Internet Failure

Getting an interactive Internet program broadcast out to 500,000 proves to be a true pioneering effort; Oprah.com and Harpo Productions demonstrate the value of transparent communication to your audience as a result of a communication technology breakdown. From the Web Event web site at about 10:00 p.m. EST:   Congestive heart failure is a disease […]

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Alec Saunders on Skype’s High Quality Video

Last week Alec Saunders received an evaluation Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks; in a post today he comments on: the camera’s basic optics quality his previous objections to video calls that are overcome by Skype’s High Quality Video: getting the right lighting how previous cameras tend to focus, distractingly, on the forehead rather than the […]

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OnState Launches “Total Solution” Offering for Customer Contact Center for Skype

OnState Communications have been evolving their Skype-based on-demand call center offering over the past year. Launched a year ago to provide basic voice contact, they added an “open” chat capability last summer. As a result call center agents could communicate with prospective or current customers via Skype, PSTN and/or chat sessions (and could escalate chat […]

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To Be Restored: Camera Flexibility for Video Hackers.

I spent some time this afternoon interviewing Jonathon Christensen, Skype’s General Manager for Audio and Video. After reviewing with me how Skype came to be able to offer High Quality Video (which will be the subject of another post), Skype released this statement of interest to those Skype enthusiasts who had been using a video […]

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Skype Video for “Live On Location” Television

Take a MacBook with embedded webcam, add Skype video and mix into a WiFi Connection Amber MacArthur is a local Toronto-based technology reporter who not only does daily television broadcast reports for CityTV but also has her own CommandN.tv online video podcasts. Last Wednesday at mesh 2007 I found her in one of the conference […]

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Skype for Courtship (and, sometimes, Business)

About a month ago a visiting friend told us that she was traveling to Mexico City the following weekend for her son’s wedding. Her son lives in Minneapolis where he is involved in sales and servicing of mining equipment with lots of travel to southeast Asia and Australia; the bride was studying medicine in Houston. […]

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SkypeLand News Update: Video Action, Niklas Spends, WiFi Phones

Video Action Keeps Expanding: In addition to service launches on the video communications front, (Skype, SightSpeed), it was a week when we learned where Skype’s founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Jaanus Friis, may be spending some of their eBay-generated wealth. (Keep in mind that Niklas and Jaanus had VC partners with whom they shared probably a […]

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SightSpeed – Focusing on Personal Video Services

Since its introduction at the final Fall Comdex in 2003, I have been following the SightSpeed video communications service as it has evolved into one of the more highly respected personal video calling services. Today they are releasing a new version 5.0; last week I spent an hour talking with Peter Csathey, CEO of SightSpeed, […]

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Remote Video – Beyond Basic Video Calling

Over the past week there were a couple of news items about video communications services: Out of Japan, Novac has released a product, Skype TV, that lets you stream your TV across Skype video. More commentary from Gizmodo. Last Monday came news about the forthcoming SightSpeedTV, a new feature to be included in SightSpeed’s next […]

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Notebook-Embedded Skype

When my daughter started up her new MacBook Pro a couple of months ago, the most impressive feature was the embedded iSight webcam. When you first create user profiles, capturing a picture of the user is one of the first questions that pops up. I have said previously that Skype is not fully supportive of […]

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