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Friday Update I – Video Communications

I just reinstalled SightSpeed on my “rebuilt” laptop and am always impressed with the video quality. It is reminiscent of the days about 25 years ago when the first color monitors became available for the mini-computer-based instrumentation I was selling at the time. My budget-limited customers (mostly university based researchers) thought they could get away […]

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Skype for Courtship (and, sometimes, Business)

About a month ago a visiting friend told us that she was traveling to Mexico City the following weekend for her son’s wedding. Her son lives in Minneapolis where he is involved in sales and servicing of mining equipment with lots of travel to southeast Asia and Australia; the bride was studying medicine in Houston. […]

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Google and eBay Announce Major Connectivity Agreement

In a press release issued this morning, Google and eBay announced an agreement which comprises “two primary components involving text-based advertising and “click-to-call” advertising functionality”;.In the course of the press release there are several implications for Skype; however, let me draw attention to where Skype already has incorporated Google searches, namely, as an option in […]

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Skype’s Secret Sauce Extended to Include Embedded Devices

The secret sauce used by Skype that results in the excellent voice quality of Skype-to-Skype calls and facilitates quality in Skype-to-SkypeIn/Out calls is the Voice Engine for PC and Voice Engine for (Windows) Mobile licensed by Skype from Global IP Sound (“GIPS”). Combining codecs, echo cancellation technology and other voice and packet management features the […]

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SkypeLand News Update: Video Action, Niklas Spends, WiFi Phones

Video Action Keeps Expanding: In addition to service launches on the video communications front, (Skype, SightSpeed), it was a week when we learned where Skype’s founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Jaanus Friis, may be spending some of their eBay-generated wealth. (Keep in mind that Niklas and Jaanus had VC partners with whom they shared probably a […]

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Skype News Roundup

A few items this week: Cynthia Blumfield an analyst blogger at IP & Democracy, demonstrates how Skype is on the path to $200 million in revenue in 2006 when revenue per registered user increases by $0.02 per quarter for the remainder of the year. (Hat tip to Andy.) In response to an email from one […]

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Skype News RoundUp

Seems like there are several Skype-related stories out this week: Andy at VoIP Watch, in a post entitled Skype Giving More Away, has commented on the SkypeOut International calling promotion that Bill brought to our attention yesterday. In my view this Skype is acting more and more like a real phone company, using promotions such […]

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