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Skype for Everyone: Supporting Over 2 Billion Minutes per Day

Today Skype announced they had passed a significant milestone, now supporting over 2 Billion minutes of conversations per day. Here’s the infographic: 2 billion minutes infographic by Skype With Skype clients on PC’s, smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and soon to include BlackBerry 10), tablets, including Kindle Fire, and an emerging offering of Internet-enabled TV’s […]

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Skype Becomes Platinum Sponsor for eComm 2009

Perhaps the most informative event I have attended during my two-and-a-half years of writing for Skype Journal was last spring’s eComm 2008. Out of a sense of frustration organizer Lee Dryburgh took it upon himself to risk organizing this event when the former eTel Conference announced it would be no more. The 300 attendees were […]

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Skype Seeking Skype Developer Community Manager

If we go back to our early September interview with Josh Silverman where we discussed “The Way Ahead – Platforms and Partners”, Josh stated in response to our question about addressing ongoing partner communications issues: I take the partner program really seriously and we’re aware that we’ve not invested adequately behind it and want to […]

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Another Skype Partner Acquired: VAPPS Goes to Citrix

We have often reported on HiDef Conferencing as a leader in high quality voice conferencing. It’s a service built around servers that specialize in connecting up to 500 conferencing participants from either the PSTN or Skype, and managing the call participants’ level of participation. Should a participant be connected by Skype, they will hear all […]

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Nart Villeneuve’s Q&A on TOM-Skype’s Firewall Breach

Internet Censorship Explorer Nart Villeneuve has been getting lots of questions about his “Breaching Trust” report and issued a Q&A that answers some common questions. Initially he describes how he determined that messages containing key words were being uploaded to a web server. (The technologically curious can get the answer through accessing the link.) He […]

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Skype News Roundup: Crossing 11 Million Online; PlaySation Portable Update

At noon EST (GMT-5) today Skype had almost 11.2 million users online. This has been a relatively fast ramp up, given that the 10 million users online level was crossed just under four weeks ago at the beginning of CES 2008. Have to wonder if it’s partly the impact of the MySpace implementation. Of note […]

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The Metamorphosis Begins: New CEO Sought for Skype

At this point I am going to provide simply links to other stories; my commentary will follow later. Top Executive Changes at Skype: Niklas resigns as CEO (remaining Chair of the Board) and Skype President Henry Gomez have resigned their positions effective immediately. During the search for a new CEO, Michael van Swaaij, eBay’s Chief […]

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Skype for SalesForce Launched

Salesforce.com has been an ongoing web application success story over the past few years. Securely accessing an individual enterprise’s customer database on-demand from the web and promoted largely through viral customer adoption, I have encountered many enterprises who have come to rely on Salesforce.com as their primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It is a […]

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Skype and Intel Building Family Connections

Yesterday Mark Evans posted his Communications 101 thoughts and mentioned: Note: It’s important to be clear there is a difference between having the “gift of the gab” and communicating well. This post is driven, in part, by my personal goal to become a better communicator. But when it comes to maintaining family relationships, having the […]

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Mid-Week Update: Marketing Innovation; 25 Skype Tips and more….

Recall our “Note to Innovators: Market Thyself” post over the weekend triggered by Andy’s VoIP Watch post on Why Some Innovate and Die, discussing the importance of marketing considerations in building a business. Alec Saunders has responded with several low cost suggestions for doing market research that don’t involve hiring a Forrester or Gartner: Bottom […]

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