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Skype hits 145 million users monthly

A few days after CES 2011 and its announcements re Skype on mobile devices and Skype on TV, the daily maximum of Skype users concurrently online has quickly risen from 25 million to just shy of 29 million. Hudson Barton’s meticulous tracking demonstrates the long term growth of this statistic. Last summer, when Skype filed […]

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Skype IPO: The Real Communications Business Disruption Adventure Begins

When I interviewed Skype CEO Josh Silverman at CES 2010 in January, I had asked about the timing for a Skype IPO. Josh’s response: “We’ll see. We don’t have a timeline for it. Our focus is to build a really great company. When we’re ready and the markets are ready, we’ll consider an IPO. At […]

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A Conversation with Skype CEO Josh Silverman

At last month’s CES I had the opportunity to meet with Skype CEO Josh Silverman and discuss various Skype issues that have arisen over the past year as well as where Skype is headed as a privately owned company. At the time I thought this would result in a normal text-based blog post outlining some […]

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Pat Phelan Finds How Popular Skype Is, Really!

Today Ireland’s favorite communications entrepreneur, Pat Phelan, put up a post: “How Popular is Skype, really?” Shows the potential for both Skype and its (prospective) partners, should the new executive team be able to execute on a restructured Skype and a viable partner program. And it shows the relative magnitude of the challenge that Truphone, […]

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How Skype Will Grow in 2009

Guest Post by Hudson Barton, The Borderless Communicator 2008 is turning out to be a great year for Skype growth (real users), nearly matching the record year of 2006. In my view, the patterns of Skype growth are affected by: The popularity (name recognition) of the software itself… in comparison to communications alternatives. The capability […]

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Getting Closer to the True Numbers on Skype via Mobile

Yesterday UK web publication TelecomTV put out a post “Skype claims mobiles are involved in a quarter of its calls“. But a “correction” comment by the author, Tony Chan, disclaims his basic premise: CORRECTION: As the original author of this story for CommsDay, I am corrected by Skype that the 4 billion minute figure is […]

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Source of Skype Growth

Borderless Communicator Hudson Barton has spent the last few years as the “keeper of the ‘real users’ statistic”, a measure of Skype usage that attempts to understand the demographics of Skype’s user base and put it into some sort of perspective so that it can be compared with other communication services. There are only five […]

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Skype News Roundup: Crossing 11 Million Online; PlaySation Portable Update

At noon EST (GMT-5) today Skype had almost 11.2 million users online. This has been a relatively fast ramp up, given that the 10 million users online level was crossed just under four weeks ago at the beginning of CES 2008. Have to wonder if it’s partly the impact of the MySpace implementation. Of note […]

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Predictions? Wish List? What’s In Store for 2008..

Having reflected on Skype’s accomplishments in 2007 and some of the more interesting devices and technologies that have crossed my way, now for my projections for 2008. (In the interest of enhanced objectivity — not that I can be totally objective — I have yet to read Phil’s 37 Sketchy 2008 Skype Predictions or Andy’s […]

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Skype Continues to be Profitable in Spite of Activity Drop

Skype revenue up, profitable for 2nd consecutive quarter, but usage down? eBay’s quarterly earnings conference this afternoon revealed little about Skype; we got the usual numbers: In the more detailed presentation by CFO Bob Swan, he provided two additional numbers: Skype-to-Skype Minutes: 7.1 million, down from 7.7 million in Q1 SkypeOut Minutes: 1.3 million, flat […]

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