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InnerPass 2.0 – Exposing Skype’s Collaboration Potential to Over Two Million Users

Last fall Phil Wolff at Skype Journal mused on the topic of “Why Collaboration is Strategic for Skype”. His conclusion – collaboration is a competitive edge: Skype could advance the best collaboration practices and technology. And with Skype’s distribution (one billion accounts by 2013), could easily become the tool of choice for producing results, enjoying […]

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iotum’s Calliflower Conference Call Service Adds Skype Access

Since its launch about two years ago, I have blogged several times about iotum’s CalliFlower Conference Calling service. More significantly I have used it for several conference calls of up to 25 people, including a couple that ran for over two hours. While permitting up to several hundred participants into a conference call, Calliflower’s primary […]

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Stealthing Skype into Larger Businesses

Legion are the stories of small and medium businesses who are using Skype for their worldwide communications operations. Skype is the cornerstone for keeping Toronto-based  b5media’s worldwide staff of bloggers, editors, developers and executives in touch via both informal and formal conversations. SeeWorthy gets an assist from Skype when communicating with their Taiwanese supplier (via […]

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Skype For SIP: Sorting Through the Issues

Yesterday’s announcement of the Skype for SIP beta created lots of commentary in the blogosphere; it remained the leading topic on Techmeme for several hours. Phil Wolff over at Skype Journal, in “Skype For SIP: Big Money, Skypeless, Brand Destroyer”, outlines some of the positioning with respect to Skype for Asterisk, channel schism issues and […]

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PamConsult Has a “Fantastic Year”

Amidst all the macro economic turmoil of 2008, there are businesses that have stuck to their knitting and had a quite successful year. Pioneer Skype Partner PamConsult recently reported on their 2008 achievements where they have both built out their product line and provided consulting services that have resulted in a stronger development team and […]

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PamFax Update: Lower Rates, Volume Plans and Improved Perfomance

Send faxes via PamFax for €0.14 (a 17% reduction) or, if on a PamFax Professional or PrePaid Pack plan, as low as €0.09. Since last summer Skype Journal has been reporting on the evolution of PamFax, which allows Skype users to send faxes anywhere worldwide from your laptop in as few as five mouse clicks. […]

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PamFax – Adding Click-to-Fax

Single click access to PamConsult’s PamFax to be integrated into Skype’s Toolbars for Firefox and Internet Explorer. I have previously blogged about Skype’s Toolbars for Firefox and Internet Explorer. At this point, these toolbars create a click-to-call from any number identified on a web page; they are optional with an installation of the Skype for […]

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PamFax Receive Skype Certification, Grows Usage

Becomes an Extra Premium; implements major server upgrade. While email and VoIP technology have changed our communications patterns, it seems that faxing still has its place as a communications mode. The growth of PamFax as a worldwide fax service using Skype’s underlying Skype Extras infrastructure is demonstrable proof. A key advantage of PamFax is that […]

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A Most Interesting Skype Mashup: OnState Expands Into Unified Messaging

Buried in the Yahoo assets that Microsoft covets is recently acquired Zimbra, “a leader in Open Source, next generation messaging and collaboration software”. Amongst Zimbra’s product line, the initial offering of Zimbra’s Unified Messaging is based on a partnership with Asterisk, the open source VoIP provider. Zimbra has an extensive list of service provider, business […]

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Mashup Champion PamFax Becomes a Full Fax Sending Solution.

… adds scanning and print driver features for sending faxes worldwide. Back in August PamConsult, publishers of the Pamela universal Skype utility with call recording, conversation archiving, message personalization and audio emoticons, entered the Skype Mashup competition with their beta release of PamFax. At the time PamFax would allow you to select a (Word or […]

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