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Skype Goes to Facebook for User Engagement

Recently Skype has participated in several technology sharing activities with Facebook: Facebook Video Calls, Facebook Chat sessions through the Skype client, a Facebook news feed on the Skype client home page and most recently video calls from the Skype client to your Facebook Friends. However, until now Skype has been somewhat weak on using Facebook […]

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Skype for iPhone 2.0: The Commentary and The Reality

Since its release late Saturday, Skype for iPhone 2.0, with its support of calling over 3G carriers and superwideband audio using Skype’s SILK codec, has set the blogosphere awash with two genres of commentary: those who seem to think the end of free Skype calling is approaching as an Armageddon and those who recognize the […]

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eComm Europe 2009: Taking You to the Bleeding Edge

During my three plus years of blogging, the most educational and informative conference for keeping up with innovation in the “Emerging Communications” space has been eComm, the Emerging Communications Conference (and now Awards). And now eComm is coming to Europe in two weeks. Conference organizer Lee Dryburgh and his team of advisors have assembled many […]

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Renee Blodgett: Skype’s Blogger-in-Chief & Robert Scoble Chat about Social Media

Consider this a “Retweet for video”; in Renee’s dialogue/interview with/between Skype’s Chief Blogging Office Peter Parkes and Robert Scoble we learn a lot about the evolution of Skype’s approach to using social media.  Skype sees social media as a key channel for engaging customers in conversations as a complement to both their marketing and support […]

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How To Recall You Own @Skype – Take Heed, Twitterers!

If you own a brand name as a TwitterID, take heed. Twitter will reveal your ownership details to the brand owner. Nerdgirl Stephanie Robesky, a former employee of a venture fund established by the founders of Skype, was shocked recently into realizing she still owned the @Skype TwitterID even though she had moved on in […]

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Skype’s Most Watched Video Call: Oprah Tells Ellen “Yes, she can”

How do you drive awareness for Skype? Have the two daytime talk shows with the largest audiences connect via a Skype (High Quality) video call. Yesterday afternoon, during the Ellen de Generes show, Ellen was surprised to see Oprah appear, unannounced via a Skype video call, behind her on the large screen monitors used to […]

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Skype Developer Partners Event: New York

Paul Amery and his Skype Developer Partner team have organized another Skype Developer event to be held in lower Manhattan on Monday, December 10, 4 – 7 p.m.. Hosted by Vapps, Inc., a vendor of hosted conferencing services, this event will involve getting “your thoughts and feedback. The Skype Developer Program is navigating a clear […]

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