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Skype 3.2 Sets New Standard for Sound Quality

When Skype Vice President Stefan Oberg spoke at VON Canada last year his theme was how Skype’s goal was to be “Better Than a Phone”. To make his point he mentioned how even the simple task of plugging in a headset (often on the rear of a desktop PC or in a laptop docking station) […]

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eBay – Skype Synergy: The Missed Viral Opportunity – Post 2 of 2

To: Meg Whitman, CEO, eBay That was quite the quarterly report; lots of good news. Congratulations to the entire eBay team (including Skype, of course). But there is the Skype monetization issue to address. Following up on my other post Wednesday, I think I found one way to contribute to this while at CES. Bottom […]

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Skype 3.0 — New Feature Guide….

Yesterday Skype released its initial Skype for Windows 3.0 beta with several new features. However, the press release does not really show the entire picture and, in fact, two of the four features mentioned were available in the previous 2.6 beta – namely, Click-to-Call and Skypecasts Live. Click-to-Call is simply an embedding of the previously […]

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Skype Goal: “Better than a phone”

The highlight of today’s sessions at Voice over the Net Canada was a presentation by Stefan Oberg, General Manager, Skype for Desktop and Skype Hardware. Stefan’s theme built on Alec Saunders’ Voice 2.0 Manifesto by talking about how Skype is working to be “better than a phone”. After reviewing the history of text messaging from […]

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