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Stealthing Skype into Healthcare: Consumer Experience Drives Practitioner Adoption

Doing the “grandparent” Skype video call and using Skype in a business environment has led two medical practitioners to begin using Skype to facilitate and accelerate patient care in their practice. While not a replacement for all doctor visits, there are situations where Skype video can be used to both screen patients prior to a […]

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Skype’s Most Watched Video Call: Oprah Tells Ellen “Yes, she can”

How do you drive awareness for Skype? Have the two daytime talk shows with the largest audiences connect via a Skype (High Quality) video call. Yesterday afternoon, during the Ellen de Generes show, Ellen was surprised to see Oprah appear, unannounced via a Skype video call, behind her on the large screen monitors used to […]

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Skype Goal: “Better than a phone”

The highlight of today’s sessions at Voice over the Net Canada was a presentation by Stefan Oberg, General Manager, Skype for Desktop and Skype Hardware. Stefan’s theme built on Alec Saunders’ Voice 2.0 Manifesto by talking about how Skype is working to be “better than a phone”. After reviewing the history of text messaging from […]

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