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Skype Everywhere: Nokia and Skype Announce Ongoing Partnership

With the evolution of smartphones incorporating both WiFi and 3G wireless support, we are also seeing the application of Voice over IP technology as providing at least one leg of a wireless call. iSkoot was a pioneering example, with both their support of a wide range of wireless phones, including Nokia, Android and BlackBerry (full […]

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Race to Provide Low Cost International Calling on Mobile Heats Up

Yesterday I wrote a post for GigaOm, Skype: Coming to a Cell Phone Near You, discussing how the announcement of two new beta versions of Skype on mobile devices gave a hint of Skype’s future mobile strategy. At the same time Truphone announced a new version of their iPhone application. Whereas the version released at […]

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Dan York Clarifies Skype’s Role within Asterisk

Following up on Thursday’s announcement of Skype for Asterisk for which details were posted on Skype Journal late Thursday, Dan York has published a more technical post, “Clarifying how Asterisk could possibly be used as a Skype-to-SIP gateway“, discussing how the Asterisk PBX treats incoming and outgoing calls, effectively independently of how the Asterisk PBX […]

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Dan York on Skype and SIP and Skype’s Platform Ambitions

Just in case you’ve been on vacation on a remote island not reading Skype Journal the past few days, Phil and Michael Robertson have been having this debate about Skype and interop with SIP-based services (more here and here). It even spread to last Friday’s SquawkBox call. This morning Dan York, who sits on IETF […]

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A SIP/Skype Gateway Is NOT In The Forecast

Guest Post: Hudson Barton is a communicatons consultant whose Borderless Communicator blog not only talks about Skype and related IP communications activity but also attempts to track Skype’s “real usage”. According to his analysis, Skype has just cracked the 30 million real or” currenlty active” user number (based on tracking Users Online vs time-of-day). What […]

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Skype is a “Must” for A Unified Communications Platform

Ever since the Internet became commercial in the mid-90’s, the term “Unified Communications” has been tossed around as if it is some form of “holy grail” for a communications offering. PhoneBoy Dameon Welch-Abernathy finds the term somewhat overhyped in his recent post “Unified Communications Is A Pipe Dream“: Anyone who understands the technology knows that […]

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Skype Refreshed … And Looking Beyond Being a Telco

Just over a month ago a two-day Skype outage caused great consternation with predictions of gloom and doom for Skype. Early yesterday here in California (around 1600GMT) I noticed almost 9.7 million users online — back to about the same number as peak loads immediately prior to the outage. Somebody out there is continuing to […]

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Gizmo Project’s “All Calls Free” – Will It Drive User Recruitment?

One of the challenges of entering the VoIP consumer space is to simply sign up users; so how do you match up the fact that Skype has over 100 million registered users (even if only max 7 million, and climbing, are on Skype at any given time)? A lot of posts yesterday about Gizmo Project’s […]

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