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TOM-Skype Breach: Meeting the Primary Investigator

This is the first of four posts resulting from an interview with Nart Villeneuve, principle investigator of the Citizen Lab report “Breaching Trust”. Last Tuesday afternoon I returned to a University of Toronto building I had last visited in its role as an engineering students’ residence in the mid-1960’s. Abandoned as a residence in the […]

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A Bold Prediction… Blackberry Will Continue to Rule the Enteprise

I’ll be iBold enough to say that, applying physics terminology so much appreciated by RIM’s co-CEO, Blackberry Bold will reduce the half-life of the iPhone in the business and prosumer market by an order of magnitude. Tuesday evening I attended RIM’s annual shareholders meeting in Waterloo at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, initially funded […]

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IT Gets Personal: Jonathan Christensen’s Personal Experience

Our choice of PC’s and the associated applications are becoming a factor in the definition of our personality:: Windows or Mac? IBM or Dell? Our smartphone choices are becoming a factor in the definition of our personality. Blackberry, iPhone or, Nokia? But just as important is how these associations are also playing a role in […]

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A SIP/Skype Gateway Is NOT In The Forecast

Guest Post: Hudson Barton is a communicatons consultant whose Borderless Communicator blog not only talks about Skype and related IP communications activity but also attempts to track Skype’s “real usage”. According to his analysis, Skype has just cracked the 30 million real or” currenlty active” user number (based on tracking Users Online vs time-of-day). What […]

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Skype Code Vulnerability Neutralized

Reports of a Skype vulnerability have been addressed by Skype through disabling the Dailymotion video service until the relevant feature has been fixed. This disablement is indicated by the absence of the Dailymotion tab in the “Add Video to Chat” window. For the geek inclined, technical details are here. With respect to the second issue […]

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Skype’s Opportunity for IM Federation Leadership

It’s been a busy week: The previously announced (eight months ago) MSN/Yahoo IM federation became real. Yawn. Phil Wolff and Alec Saunders have commented on the Skype code cracking by a Chinese engineering team. Ken Camp has linked both the U3 Skype/SanDisk announcement and any potential Skype code cracking to corporate security policy implications. I […]

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Skype News RoundUp

Seems like there are several Skype-related stories out this week: Andy at VoIP Watch, in a post entitled Skype Giving More Away, has commented on the SkypeOut International calling promotion that Bill brought to our attention yesterday. In my view this Skype is acting more and more like a real phone company, using promotions such […]

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