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A Primer for Skype’s Direction – Skype’s Extras Gallery and Developer Partner Program

This is the fourth post in a series summarizing the current state of Skype’s ecosystem and providing a perspective on the assets in place for a new CEO to run with. Getting to the Present Alec Saunders’ Voice 2.0 Manifesto talks about Applications as the value creators in a Voice 2.0 world. Once again Skype […]

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Dawn of the Mashup Age IIa: And the North American Mashup Competition Winner Is ….

Two weeks ago, it was announced that PamFax, with its ability not only to fax a document but also work through the Skype Extras Publishing Platform to collect revenues, was the winner of the European Mashup competition as well as the worldwide winner. Thursday afternoon at a Skype Developer Event in San Jose, a mashup […]

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The Dawn of the Mashup World II: And the European Mashup Competition Winner Is…

A post a few days ago, The Dawn of the Mashup World: Part Ia: What is a Mashup, generated a heated discussion on the Skype Mashup Group Chat. Also a few comments. Glad to get some feedback onto Skype Journal; thanks Don and Thomas. (And congratulations to Don Kennedy for having MyToGo selected by ProgrammableWeb.com […]

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PamFax: Sending Faxes via Skype

One aspect of the telephony domain that has been absent from the Skype ecosystem has been the ability to fax documents via Skype. Fundamentally, sending a fax is an asynchronous one-way activity that has “ridden” the phone network to transmit a document to a device that is able to decode the fax signal back into […]

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