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Philips Selects PamConsult Technology for Net TV eBay Channel

Software developer and publisher PamConsult pioneered third party software development for Skype, having provided the initial German translation of Skype and then launching the first Skype Extra, Pamela in 2005. Two weeks ago PamConsult released Pamela 4.5 for which a review is forthcoming. Their PamFax offering won accolades as the 2007 Skype Partner mashup competition. […]

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PamConsult Has a “Fantastic Year”

Amidst all the macro economic turmoil of 2008, there are businesses that have stuck to their knitting and had a quite successful year. Pioneer Skype Partner PamConsult recently reported on their 2008 achievements where they have both built out their product line and provided consulting services that have resulted in a stronger development team and […]

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Pamela, the pioneering third party Skype conversation management utility, has evolved since its launch in 2004 into the premier utility for assisting your Skype activities with features such as call recording, conversation archiving, personalization, call scheduling and enhanced voice mail management. Its Rich Mood Editor, Emoticons, PamCasting and Blogging Support are amongst Pamela’s additional features. […]

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Radio Free Asia: A Skype Facilitated Broadcasting Service

Skype has become a vital tool for not only keeping their reporters in touch but also for delivering high voice quality reports and more effective technical support. Broadcasting in nine languages, via short wave radio (primarily), Internet and satellite feeds, to several southeast Asian countries where open sources of news and information are lacking, Radio […]

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Pamela 4.0 Released

Pioneer Skype Extra application Pamela has this week released version 4.0 with a new user interface: and several new features: More screenshots here. Download here. Pamela Basic is always free; other versions of Pamela have a 30-day trial. We’ll be doing a review, including a user case study, within the next ten days but in […]

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A Primer for Skype’s Direction – Skype’s Extras Gallery and Developer Partner Program

This is the fourth post in a series summarizing the current state of Skype’s ecosystem and providing a perspective on the assets in place for a new CEO to run with. Getting to the Present Alec Saunders’ Voice 2.0 Manifesto talks about Applications as the value creators in a Voice 2.0 world. Once again Skype […]

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Smiley’s Silver Anniversary

Yesterday (Sept. 19) was the 25th anniversary of the birth infamous smiley via a bulletin board message on a primitive pre-ARPA Carnegie Mellon Universtiy network. Smiley’s inventor Scott Fahlman tells the story of its emergence into the public domain.. Given the nature of the community, a good many of the posts were humorous (or attempted […]

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The Dawn of the Mashup World II: And the European Mashup Competition Winner Is…

A post a few days ago, The Dawn of the Mashup World: Part Ia: What is a Mashup, generated a heated discussion on the Skype Mashup Group Chat. Also a few comments. Glad to get some feedback onto Skype Journal; thanks Don and Thomas. (And congratulations to Don Kennedy for having MyToGo selected by ProgrammableWeb.com […]

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PamFax: Sending Faxes via Skype

One aspect of the telephony domain that has been absent from the Skype ecosystem has been the ability to fax documents via Skype. Fundamentally, sending a fax is an asynchronous one-way activity that has “ridden” the phone network to transmit a document to a device that is able to decode the fax signal back into […]

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