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Skype on Oprah – End of an Era

Today marks Oprah’s last show. Over the past two days her “finale” show at the United Center in Chicago became a tribute to how she was regarded as a mentor to many and her ability to change lives in a very meaningful way. And after 25 years it’s down to one final show broadcast today. […]

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Microsoft Acquires Skype – The “Amber Mac Test”

Tuesday’s announcement of the pending Microsoft acquisition of Skype has certainly drawn a complete spectrum of comments, feedback and posts. They range from Microsoft’s perception as doomsday venom for an acquisition’s products and services to praise for the potential to merge two complementary software companies that allow not only the continuation of the current service […]

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A Conversation with Skype CEO Josh Silverman

At last month’s CES I had the opportunity to meet with Skype CEO Josh Silverman and discuss various Skype issues that have arisen over the past year as well as where Skype is headed as a privately owned company. At the time I thought this would result in a normal text-based blog post outlining some […]

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Oprah: Taking Skype’s “Jetson Technology” to Extremes

“I thought you were on at 4 in the afternoon”, says a confused Manhattan Best Buy visitor. “No, we tape at 9 in the morning”, replies Oprah. “Oh, then Hi Oprah!”. Placing a Skype webcam setup in a Best Buy store found an adolescent customer who was looking for a Mother’s Day gift and waiting […]

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Oprah: Where the Skype Are You?

Since first using Skype’s High Quality Video for remote interviews during her weekly “A New Earth” seminars in the spring of 2008, interviews via Skype have become almost a daily occurrence on the Oprah show. A recent one of significance was her launch of her own Twitter feed where she interviewed Ashton Kutcher who now […]

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Skype’s Most Watched Video Call: Oprah Tells Ellen “Yes, she can”

How do you drive awareness for Skype? Have the two daytime talk shows with the largest audiences connect via a Skype (High Quality) video call. Yesterday afternoon, during the Ellen de Generes show, Ellen was surprised to see Oprah appear, unannounced via a Skype video call, behind her on the large screen monitors used to […]

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The Skype – Oprah Feedback Loop – It’s Works in Strange Ways

This afternoon I came across this article by reporter Chris O’Brien in today’s San Jose Mercury News: “Video Chat has entered the mainstream“. It appears that the worlds of Oprah viewers and Silicon Valley geeks and reporters have more than six degrees of separation. The story starts out by talking about an email he received […]

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Skype Journal Interviews Josh Silverman: The Way Ahead – Markets

This is the fourth in a series of posts resulting from an interview a week ago Friday with Josh Silverman, Skype’s recently appointed President. In this post we talk about addressing the small-to-medium business market as well as various geographical markets. Over its five years, Skype has built up, almost totally virally, a significant base […]

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Oprah: A New Earth Session 2 Coming Up

Earlier this week Skype Journal reported on Skype’s sponsorship of Oprah.com’s Web Events involving “classes” discussing Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth. A unique aspect of this presentation involved “full duplex” video dialogues as viewers posed questions. In some cases the viewers were supplied with the appropriate webcam and dual processor PC so that they […]

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Skype Video Gets Exposure; Oprah.com Suffers Congestive Internet Failure

Getting an interactive Internet program broadcast out to 500,000 proves to be a true pioneering effort; Oprah.com and Harpo Productions demonstrate the value of transparent communication to your audience as a result of a communication technology breakdown. From the Web Event web site at about 10:00 p.m. EST:   Congestive heart failure is a disease […]

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