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Microsoft Acquires Skype – An Investor’s Perspective

Following up on Tuesday’s announcement, where many questioned the valuation placed on Skype by Microsoft, Ben Horowitz of Andreeson Horowitz, one of Skype’s investors in the “Silver Lake round” a year ago November, provides some interesting insight into what Andreeson Horotwitz had seen when they made that initial investment 18 months ago. And these insights […]

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The Skype Spinout Version 2.0

So it’s finally resolved. The Skype spinout from eBay will involve Skype’s founders as investors and board members while contributing a cash investment. Skype finally owns the core intellectual property required for Skype to operate at its current cost levels. eBay gets the cash they were looking for but 5% less of the new Skype. […]

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Beyond what Reuters Told Us .. More details of Niklas’ interview with Helsingin Sanomat

During Canada’s Centennial Year (1967) I was host for a student exchange with Finnish students; we have kept up contact over the past 39 years. Last week I asked one of them if s/he could translate the actual Helsingin Sanomat article reporting on their interview with Niklas Zennström (registration required) or at least give me […]

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SkypeLand News Update: Video Action, Niklas Spends, WiFi Phones

Video Action Keeps Expanding: In addition to service launches on the video communications front, (Skype, SightSpeed), it was a week when we learned where Skype’s founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Jaanus Friis, may be spending some of their eBay-generated wealth. (Keep in mind that Niklas and Jaanus had VC partners with whom they shared probably a […]

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