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Skype Calling Plans Update: New Countries, New Pricing, New Plans

Voice On the Web’s Subscription Calling Plan page has been updated. Also Skype is offering a 25% discount on Skype Calling Plans if purchased prior to May 6, 2009. Earlier this week Skype announced the addition of an “Unlimited Country” plan to the three plans available to Skype users in the U.S. and Canada.  At […]

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Subscription Monitor for Skype: So You Know When Time’s Up!

Two weeks ago, in a post “Skype Modifies Fair Usage Policy”, I listed the modified terms and caps on usage for a Skype Calling Plan subscription, comprising both daily and monthly caps. But how do you know where you stand at any given point in time? “UberOverLord” Don Kennedy’s Subscription Monitor for Skype is a […]

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Skype Modifies Fair Usage Policy

When Skype’s Unlimited Calling Plans were modified last May, the only “Fair Usage” limitation was 10,000 minutes per month on any of the plans. Recently my attention was drawn to a modified Fair Usage policy. Primarily it would appear that the new Fair Usage policy would apply to businesses using SkypeOut for customer service and […]

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