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Skype – eBay: Passive Separation

With the announcement of the Skype IPO a few weeks ago we are starting to see the devolution of any previous attempts at Skype – eBay synergy. Yesterday Phil reported on eBay’s removal of Skype voice and chat buttons in eBay listings effective June 10, 2009. My major introduction to Skype personnel and the Skype […]

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Skype @ eBay DevCon: in pictures

Using Bubbleshare (well, you’re all tired of Flickr, right? and it’s a local product coming out of the Toronto area), I have finally organized my pics from the eBay/PayPal/Skype Developer’s Conference two weeks ago. Double click on any picture for a larger version and the slide show in a separate window. Enjoy! BubbleShare Aplogies for […]

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Incremental Approach to eBay/Skype Integration

Perhaps the biggest news coming out of Meg Whitman’s keynote this evening was that eBay will walk before they run with Skype integration. Basically, after stating that they want to use Skype to facilitate trade, especially in higher value items, they will tomorrow announce details of a program to test Skype in selected categories. eBay […]

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Skype API Developer Program: View from the Top

I just spent twenty minutes interviewing Lenn Pryor, Director of Skype’s Developer Platform Business Unit. Lenn joined Skype just over a year ago; that year has provided plenty of opportunity to not only to assess the potential but also to make the changes required to have a successful Developer Platform business. Skype Journal: Lenn, what […]

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Skype DevCon Session: The Future of the API

The Session “Servers and Plug-Ins: The Future of the API“, led by Mat Taylor, Skype’s API Product Manager, provided the Skype API roadmap for the API’s over the next six to nine months. (Click the link above for the slideshow.) Mat started out by reviewing the current status and highlighting what he felt were the […]

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Recipe for a Sustainable Skype Partner Business

At a session on business opportunities for the Skype API’s this afternoon. Charles Carleton, CEO of Jyve.com, gave a presentation on the recently launched Jyve Pro service. In the ensuing Q&A he commented on how his business relationship with Skyp. Key elements of Jyve Pro: Jyve Pro allows “experts” to charge for services delivered via […]

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eBay Live: Quick Notes re Skype in Opening Keynotes

eBay Live kicked off this morning with presentations by senior executives of eBay, PayPal and Skype. This is an event that focuses on the key role that developer partners play in the growth of the various eBay properties. A more complete report will follow shortly; however, a couple of points to quickly note: In his […]

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