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Convenos Named Preferred Provider for Convoq Customer Transition

My first exposure to web collaboration came with my former employer Quarterdeck, who in their mid-90’s days of developing applications for use on the Internet, had acquired a company that provided whiteboarding and application sharing. It was quite a feat in an era of 50 to 100 MHz Pentium-based PC’s and max 33 kbps dailup […]

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The “No Hardware” Movement Continues: SightSpeed Offers Video Communications Services for Business

A major trend in the late 1990’s was the emergence of enterprise grade Customer Relationship Management offerings that not only required IT support but also significant investments in server hardware and business process engineering. However, 1999 saw the launch of a different scenario for CRM, namely a hosted service, Salesforce.com, where even the smallest business […]

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A Primer for Skype’s Direction – Skype’s Extras Gallery and Developer Partner Program

This is the fourth post in a series summarizing the current state of Skype’s ecosystem and providing a perspective on the assets in place for a new CEO to run with. Getting to the Present Alec Saunders’ Voice 2.0 Manifesto talks about Applications as the value creators in a Voice 2.0 world. Once again Skype […]

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On Being a Skype Software Business Solution Partner

Over the past three weeks I have had the opportunity to attend the Skype sessions at the eBay-Skype Developers Conference, to meet with and/or interview several Skype Software Business Solution Partners (product reviews forthcoming), and to spend a day at eBay Live – especially in the exhibit area. Out in the blogosphere, especially via posts […]

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Skype is a “Webware 100” Communications Candidate

Webware is a c|net website that talks about “cool web apps for everyone”. Recent posts include review of Netscape’s Social Browser, an Adobie Acrobat update for Vista compatibility as well as a remote printing feature and Sclipo, another potential player in the Skype Prime space. Industry veteran journalist Rafe Needleman is the Chief Blogger. “In […]

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