Mobivox LogoMobivox is a service that let’s you make low cost or free calls worldwide at little or no cost from any phone, whether wireless or landline. Call a local access number in any of over 40 countries and tell the MobiVox Girl whom you wish to call and whether to call their home, office, mobile number or Skype. For the cost of a “local” call, you can call any Skype contact worldwide. Calls to landline and wireless numbers are charged at rates that vary by destination country but are as low as 1.9 cents per minute. (Note that calls to wireless phones outside North America have an order of magnitude higher rates due to the various mobile operators’ “caller pays” policy.)

Summary from Supplier:

Mobivox makes it possible to call family and friends around the world for free from ANY phone. No software or downloads; no hidden membership or connection fess.

.Main Website :

Service Features :

  • Conferencing (up to ten participants)
  • Group Calling (repeated calls to the same group of participants)
  • Mobile to Home Phone Transfer

Programming API Available : Yes

HTML Code Snippets Available : No

Main Category : Consumer

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