Mike Bartlett on Skype 4.0 Beta 1 Feedback

Earlier today we posted information about the availability of Skype for Windows Beta 2 along with a video as well as download and feedback links. This morning Product Manager Mike Bartlett put out a post where he provided more details about the information gathering process that contributed to the redesign:

Different types of users gave us very different feedback. For example, in the Skype forums, where some of our most experienced users hang out, we heard a lot more negativity, in particular around screen size. However, in our surveys we saw quite the opposite. When we collated all of the feedback together, we found that just over 70% of people who tried Beta 1 prefer using it to older versions of Skype.

We’re confident that this is quite reflective of the entire Skype user base. But 70% is not a number we’re happy with because we know that many of you out there would prefer a more familiar experience, and in particular an experience that allows you to work more easily whilst Skype is running in the background.

At 11:00 a.m. EDT (GMT-4) or 3 p.m.GMT Mike will be appearing as the guest on this morning’s Squawk Box.

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