Virtual Dinner Conversations with Enhanced Skype Voice and Video Quality

Andy Abramson has been in Europe (UK, France and Spain) visiting clients and attending conferences. But he needs to keep in touch with not only his home office but also many of his contacts worldwide. This morning he put up a post "Skype’s New Codecs Showing How [Much] Better They Can Be".

Now that I’ve been working from Europe for three weeks, while I’ve been working out of hotels I’ve been making extensive use of all types of mobile and laptop software for communications ranging from CounterPath’s Eyebeam that works incredibly well with client Junction Networks onSip platform, GizmoProject, Skype and SightSpeed, I have to admit that Skype has really improved their off net audio quality, especially when it comes to calling mobile phones in the USA. At all times my connection has been WiFi, also providing additional validation to my concern that both DSL and Cable networks in the USA are not that "modern" and while good for non-real time data service, not very good for voice or video. To that end, all of my SightSpeed and Skype calls have been much "brighter" while here in Spain, where Telefonica has pretty much control of the network. I’ve had the same experience in the past in Portugal where PT pretty much has the access sewn up.

This past Thursday evening, from my home office near Toronto, I "joined" Andy at his hotel restaurant in Madrid for dinner. The hotel has excellent high speed WiFi support in the restaurant and special tables designed for those who wanted to access the Internet while eating. We each had our Skype video running – his on a Mac while I was able to run Skype’s High Quality Video from my end (at Full Screen). Put on my FreeTalk Wireless Stereo headset; we had a half hour conversation as he ate and checked out the local wine. Lighting for Andy was supplied by his Mac screen; had to keep the screen saver from running!

Andy was seeing my High Quality Video (as indicated by the logo’s presence at my end) throughout most of the conversation. The audio quality was as if we were across the table from each other. When I joined my family for dinner an hour later I mentioned that it was my second "dinner" of the evening. The video and audio quality improvements at Skype this past few months are making transoceanic "virtual dinner conversations" a reality.

While they still have their marketing and business operation challenges to overcome, Skype continues to set the barriers for the technology infrastructure required for real time conversations.

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