Sony Mylo – In Stores Now…

After a lunch today at the Metreon entertainment complex’s food court in San Francisco, Phil and I walked into the Sony store and found the new Mylo available for purchase. Yesterday was the launch day.

While we did not have an environment for any full testing (and the WiFi access was a bit flaky) three comments:

  • Phil was able to call his mobile phone from the Mylo’s Skype client
  • I was able to access my Skype account from the Mylo’s web service
  • My first impression — this may be for Sony in this decade what the Walkman was for them in the 1980’s. Web access, photos, videos, WiFi connectivity, media player — they were all there in a device smaller than the original Walkman.

An evaluation unit is en route; we will provide a more complete report once we have had a chance to work with it for a couple of weeks.

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