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Over the past two years, Skype has developed, under the leadership of Peter Kalmstrom, Program Manager for Skype Toolbars, several utilities which facilitate the Skype experience when used in conjunction with email, web browsers and various Microsoft Office documents. The Skype Email Toolbar embeds Skype activity links into Outlook; the Skype Web Toolbars for both Firefox and Internet Explorer have been embedded into the Skype for Windows client installation. Finally the Skype Office Toolbar has recently been upgraded to cover the entire range of Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project and Visio. One challenge of developing the Office Toolbar has been the moving target of Office 2007 releases.

The Skype Office Toolbar functions to:

  • Identify and tag phone numbers within a document: while associating them with any phone numbers in the authors’ Skype Contacts.
  • Skypify Phone Numbers in an Office document such that right clicking on the document opens up a menu from which you can select an option for starting a call, sending an SMS message (provided the recipient phone number is known to be for a wireless phone in a Contacts Skype Profile) and copying to your Outlook Contacts.
  • Provide a document author’s Skype Call/Chat icons in the toolbar. All documents created in Office documents incorporationg and activating the Skype Office toolbar have the author’s Skype Name embedded into the documents properties. As a result when a recipien with Skype installed opens the document s/he will be provided with Skype icons in the Toolbar to immediately launch a Skype call or chat, as desired, with the author.
  • Send the file directly out of the Office product to a Skype contact via Skype File Transfer via either the Skype Toolbar "Send File" Toolbar drop down item or via the File | Send To menu. This will bring up a list of Skype Contacts from which to select the recipient(s). This is a feature that will be found across all the Office documents and is perhaps the most used.

The Skype Office Toolbar is designed work with Office 2000/XP/2003 and 2007.under Windows and takes advantage of the newer Toolbar Ribbons characteristic of Office 2007.

Peter has prepared a complete 13-minute video showing all the features in action. Certainly well worth the time to review it and determine where you can use the Skype Office Toolbar in your daily routine. I think it is the "sleeper" of the Toolbars in terms of what is delivers across the complete range of Office products and documents as well as its potential for productivity enhancement.

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