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Since its launch yesterday morning there are a few reviews of Skype on the Nokia N800 that are worth checking out:

Ken Camp’s Digital Common Sense

Those of you who know me know I’ve struggled finding relevance in Skype for my own use. After many years of loyal use, I uninstalled it and quit using it. I’m not convinced it’s fully relevant to my needs. I’m confident I can do just fine without out it. Yet, being able to stay in touch easily via Skype on the N800 was enough to make me eat my words and come back to the fringes of Skype at the very least.

In part, this is driven by my keen interest in social networks and the tools we use to manage them. And one thing we all notice is that we use the tools our friends use, not always because we like them or need them, but because they’re where our friends are. by ThoughtFix. He also blogs his installation of the new OS 2007 firmware.

But don’t we already have Internet Calling on the N800?

Yes, but not like this. The built-in Google Talk client only allows users to talk to other compatible Google Talk clients. Gizmo Project, previously reviewed on this blog, does not have the user base or commercial support that Skype does. Gizmo may be open source, but Skype is free too and, unlike Gizmo, can keep all the extensive security and privacy secrets locked away. I love open source as much as the next Linux nerd, but I am not one to walk away from free commercial closed-source software that does a good job. Skype is also BIGGER and offers more features. There are also Skype WiFi phones, headsets, and other accessories. If there’s a race for VOIP penetration, Skype’s charging forth at over 100 million registered users.

Phone Boy Blog: Nokia N800 Comparable to the Apple iPhone

N800 can make calls with VoIP. Google Talk, Skype, and Gizmo Project are all supported on the N800. The iPhone has no VoIP capability because it’s a cell phone tied to a carrier who thinks VoIP is evil

One other feature mentioned in most reports on the new firmware is the support for Adobe Flash 9; a feature not available on the iPhone. (Hat tip to Scoble for pointing this one out.)

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