Skype Becomes an Output Mode for SnagIt

Many of graphics and images that you see in Skype Journal (including the ones in this post) have been captured using TechSmith’s Snag-It. Snag-It has been a core utility for my Windows computing over the past five or six years. Need to capture an object on your Windows desktop (or your entire desktop)? Snag-It does it and allows you to output it in many ways, including several graphics formats such as jpg, gif and png.

Today I received their monthly newsletter announcing the availability of three Skype profiles:

If you share images during Skype conversations, you know the process involves taking and saving the screen capture, then browsing for, opening, attaching and sending the image file over Skype.

Now, SnagIt has a set of profiles for Skype that allow you to take screen captures and send them immediately to the person you’re talking to over Skype – or to any of your other Skype contacts.

More information and the free Skype Profiles download; there is also a video demonstration showing the entire process, including the ability to edit the captured image prior to sending it via Skype’s File Transfer.

One more partner in the Skype ecosystem…

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