PamFax to the Rescue…

Last weekend I traveled to Eire, PA to attend a recognition event involving the Eire Otters junior hockey team; this is a development league for players who eventually end up playing professionally in the National Hockey League. I had ordered my tickets through Ticketmaster last fall when I first learned of the event.

But I drove down only to realize I had left the tickets at home; it’s a three hour drive plus time clearing US entry (not excessively long this trip). I did, however, take along my laptop. So, after checking into my hotel, I searched for the confirming email (with help from Windows Desktop Search), looked up my hotel’s fax number and then “printed” :it to PamFax. Two minutes later I picked up a printed copy of the email, with all the details of my ticket purchase, at the front desk of my hotel.

It was an enjoyable evening for all, especially my neighbor’s son, whose leadership of the team when they won a championship six years ago was the reason for the recognition. Thank you, PamFax! (and the Skype Extras infrastructure that made it possible).

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