KanTalk Update – Lots of Practicing Spoken English

Seems that there is a large appetite for learning new languages, especially English. In March I wrote a post, When You Want to Practice Spoken English, about the KanTalk service that uses SkypeCasts to facilitate verbal language learning sessions. As discussed in more detail in that post, two of his key findings with the initial service were:

  • Non-English speakers quickly became nervous or intimidated when speaking to "native" English speakers.
  • Participants, considered as peers in this forum, were much more accepting of mistakes and ready to help correct them.

I had occasion to dialog with KanTalk’s Founder today; the following update that he reported speaks for itself:

  • > 7,500 users registered members, including 300 teachers/tutors

    • up from 2,000 in early March
  • >1,100 Skypecasts session have been scheduled from Kantalk
  • The top five native languages spoken by our users are: English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic.
  • The top five countries that our users reside in are: Brazil, USA, China, India, Russia.

Besides letting our users use Skype to practice English, we also added Recording and Video Transcribing features to the site to help learners improve pronunciation and listening comprehension.

In response to Skype’s invitation they have contributed suggestions for API’s, many of which relate to Skypecasts. In addition they are investigating Skype Prime to provide their "teachers" with a means to generate revenues.

[And a reminder that Skype API suggestions are due tomorrow (Friday, July 13).]

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