IM+ for Skype Receives Skype Certification

While at the Skype Developers Conference in early June, I learned about the first Blackberry application involving Skype; in particular, it followed the model I had been suggesting of using Skype itself for IM but, for a variety of both technical and cost reasons, using the underlying wireless voice plan for voice calls. In practice, IM+ for Skype incorporates Skype IM, SkypeOut, Skype and Skype Conferencing to provide such a capability for the Blackberry, Nokia Symbian 60 phones (certain N-series and E-series versions) and Palm devices. And they now have a web-based beta version that provides Skype access on Apple’s new iPhone.

Last week I received an email from Shape Services Vice President of Marketing advising me that IM+ for Skype has received Skype Certification in a new Remote Access category. Congratulations to the Shape Services team on achieving this milestone; we look forward to other Skype Certified products in this category.

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