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Skype for Outlook Toolbar has become one of my key tools in day-to-day communications. In fact, I am at the point where I seldom actually “dial” a phone number; just look it up in Outlook Contacts, click on the Toolbar and click on the relevant “phone” number to launch a Skype or SkypeOut call..In his post on GizmoProject’s All Calls Free offering, Alec Saunders says: “At iotum, Steve Lecomte and Julien Raynal, who spend lots of time on the phone, are using Skype for business calls. Integrated with the Outlook Toolbar, it’s a natural, since most of our calls are North American.”

Peter Kalmström, Skype’s Toolbar Program Manager, has written an informative post on how to launch conference calls across both Skype and SkypeOut using the Skype for Outlook Toolbar in any of three scenarios:

  1. Select any meeting – you will see a conference button on it
  2. From an email – starting an ad-hoc conference call with all the cc:s etc of an email
  3. By selecting more than one Outlook contact in your contacts folder

Also works with the Toolbars for Outlook Express and Thunderbird.

The best part about using Skype for conference calling is not receiving a $200 bill from a legacy telco for a five person one hour conference call as recently as four or five years ago! The biggest challenge for Skype is getting a significant base of their users to realize they can easily do multi-party conference calling at little or no cost.

Note that there are Hotfix releases of each Toolbar put out this past week to fix some minor issues.

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