Beware Phishers of Skype Account Information

Today one of my contacts at a Skype Partner forwarded to me this email that he had received (and I have converted to a jpeg image):

The combination of a country-specific sender email address, bad grammar (account informations!, few additional information, etc.) along with the link actually going to an address starting with should be sufficient warning to not only be quite wary of, but also safely ignore, such a message. (To see the actual link in a phishing message in Outlook, simply run your cursor over the hyperlinked text and a box as shown here will appear; this is always a very final confirmation that an email is a phishing email.)

Skype would never send out such a request (as neither would a bank); all account activity is carried out by logging into your account via the Skype website. Any related PayPal activity also requires a PayPal login and password with one highly constrained exception (PayPal preapproved).

Which products can I buy using preapproved?

You can PayPal preapproved to buy Skype Credit, Skype Voicemail and SkypeIn numbers.

Preapproved can not be used for Personalize Skype, Skype Groups and purchases from accessories store.

Be wary of this and any similar phishing messages; usually I get them from non-Canadian banks where I obviously would not have accounts but it seems someone thinks there is a path to PayPal via Skype — rest assured there is not. In doing a follow up tomorrow to Dan York’s post last Friday I will be providing more details about the security surrounding your Skype account and associated financial security.

A copy of this email has been forwarded to Skype management to pass along to eBay’s very experienced security operations that trace phishers and have them taken down.

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