Andy’s European Skype Experience

Interesting post here from Andy Abramson at VoIP Watch who is currently visiting the U.K. and France and finding improved call quality for his Skype calls: Are Skype Calls Getting Better? Is Gizmo Getting Worst?

According to some friends in the business Skype has made massive changes to their codecs since hiring some folks and weaning away GIPS with more of a home brew approach. Over the past week my experience with Skype here in France and in London was far better than what I’m was used to seeing. As a matter of fact the quality has reached the level that made me more fond of GizmoProject, which lately seems to be having issues that it has also had before.


Skype is working around those issues and continues to have the best NAT traversal technology around and that’s keeping my calling back to the USA costs way, way down.

This is the sort of improvement that only comes with experience and a lot of trial and error. The Skype efforts at improving call quality are starting to be noticed by one of their most critical users.

Update: Alec Saunders also says Skype Calls ARE Getting Better. As for Skype plug-ins, Firefox is my primary browser and the Skype plug-in works perfectly; I have all but given up on IE7 due to several issues when bringing up websites. Use the Firefox extensions IETab and IEView for those sites that require Internet Explorer. One of the tests for some of the Skype Extras is to check that, where a browser is involved, they work with both IE and Firefox

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