Unyte Testing Beta of Enhanced Desktop Sharing Tool

On Wednesday Web Dialogs made available a beta version of its forthcoming enhanced desktop sharing tool for Skype: Unyte 2.5. The new features include:

  • Unyte P2P viewer
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Remote assistance
  • New integration options available in the Unyte API

Most interesting is the P2P viewer which creates a direct connection between the host desktop and viewing participants provided the viewers also have Unyte installed on their desktops. This eliminates the need to go through a web browser and provides improved performance including faster screen updates.

The Remote Assistance feature allows, say, customer support personnel to view a customer’s remote desktop regardless of whether the remote "assistee" is a Unyte user or has a Unyte account.

“We’re eager to get users’ reactions to the latest version of Unyte,” said WebDialogs CEO Lou Guercia. “We take feedback very seriously because we know that’s the best way to make our products stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

With over 800,000 downloads of their free Skype Extra version, Unyte has become one of the most popular partner applications, especially for its ability to increase business productivity. If you’re in the mode for beta testing, download it here.

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