Unitye’s Tale: Pioneering and Persevering as a Skype SDP

Over at O’Reilly’s eTel, Gershon Goren, CTO of Webdialogs, Inc., publisher of the Unyte Desktop Sharing Extra for Skype, goes back to the time when Webdialogs decided to partner with Skype and speaks of the trials and tribulations they went through in working with Skype to launch Unyte. There wasn’t always a Skype Developer Program and it was not always clear who the decision makers were at Skype.

As we began investigating partnering with Skype, we quickly realized WebDialogs would be pioneers with Skype in the level of integration that would be required for success. And so began the WebDialogs development team’s journey with Skype–one that took unexpected twists and turns along the way. But our team of developers and the Skype Developer Program team persevered through a mutual learning process. And, as a signpost for other developers, we believe we proved that persistence pays and challenges can be overcome by working together for mutual gain–with the result being a tightly integrated product offering.

He talks about the evolution from the highly unstructured Skype Early Adoption program, the evolution and maturation of communications infrastructure to support development between two parties to today’s situation with a much more mature Skype Developer Program. But the effort is paying off:; the bottom line reads:

Furthermore, our early perception that integration with Skype would pay dividends down the road has indeed come to pass. Our relationship with Skype has driven the bulk of Unyte’s usage and helped us build our user base. Unyte has more than 500,000 users, largely as a result of our relationship with Skype.

Our relationship with Skype’s SDP has enabled Unyte to acquire a broad international customer base that now reaches 30 countries. Without our relationship with the Skype Developer Program, this kind of market reach would not have been possible for us. {Skype Journal’s bolding)

Stories we need to hear as Skype leads up to its forthcoming Skype Developer’s Conference in Boston in ten days. Check the eTel site for the full story. Hat tip to Andy for pointing us to this.

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