Memo to Skype CEO Candidates: An Interview That Nails What Skype Can Be is an "independent trade publications for online merchants", clearly with eBay as their primary focus; they produce a podcast under the title eCommerce Industry SoundBytes.. In a recent interview with Ina Steiner, Editor and Publisher of, OnState Communications CEO Pat Kelly talks about how the OnState ACD call center is becoming as a key customer engagement tool for their clients. Pat had demonstrated OnState ACD to Ina at eBay Live back in June. In this interview they talk about:

  • OnState’s focus on customer service and business communications for the small and medium enterprise space.
  • OnState’s role in enhancing business to business and business to consumer relationships using Skype
  • how Onstate lets customers communicate with a vendor in the way most convenient to the individual customer, especially where the client’s customers do not use Skype
  • how OnState can provide customer service infrastructure for online resellers
  • how Onstate’s clients are embedding OnState communications options into their websites via click-to-call with any of Skype, a local call or a toll free (800) number and directing customer calls to the right person
  • the role of, and place for, live chat in providing customer service
  • how eBay resellers, who are already familiar with Live Chat, could be using OnState’s Live Chat features and Skype for servicing their customers through instant messaging
  • Ina’s experience with using IM at virtual trade shows
  • how OnState has simplified the live chat process and, in turn, removed much of the complexity and cost involved with live chat implementation and operation.
  • how, clients are driving their customers to adopt Skype to build the ongoing client-customer relationship such that the combination of OnState and Skype becomes a viable marketing tool, especially in business-to-business conversations
  • how an OnState ACD client builds their personalized horse rug business using OnState ACD and Skype to accelerate the sales process where customers want to know not only about the product but also the craftspeople behind the product.
  • how a retailer of health products for lifestyle enhancements worked OnState into their marketing activities to drive business not only from their website but also radio ads. "Web 2.0 Mail Order".
  • the OnState pricing model
  • the role of voice as one embedded mode of real time customer communications when using the web for retailing

And Pat points out that OnState’s focus is on clients who require real time conversations, regardless of business size. High product value, building the emotions associated with personal items such as jewelry along with opportunities to upsell and cross-sell and cement the customer relationship are the more important criteria for adopting call center and live chat infrastructure as a powerful marketing tool.

Listen to the complete interview to get the full story about how the combination of OnState and Skype are creating new business opportunities and successes for online retailers. And you can try it out at their own website.

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In closing this interview provides a practical example of why Skype’s Developer Partners are so critical to Skype’s success going forward — not only for the services they provide but also for the revenue opportunities for both the partners and Skype. Must listening and reading for Skype CEO candidates.

Disclosure: OnState has been a consulting client; the author offers professional services based on previous experience with the implementation and operation of Live Chat services.

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