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bwsurvey2009-09-05aSkype is one of five finalists, along with Apple iChat, Grand Central, Vonage and Gizmo Project in BusinessWeek’s “Best of The Web” poll where results will be published in a special report in the September 29 issue. The poll itself seems to be at cross purposes when they say “BusinessWeek wants to know the sites you consider most valuable when it comes to getting informed, making money, having fun, and building your own online tools.” I think the five candidates listed above should be described as applications as opposed to “sites”. Google Chrome may be encouraging the development of browser-based applications but that does not mean stand alone applications are necessarily doomed.

When you go to the voting page, select the “Calling” category under “Online Tools” (scroll down, way down) and make your choice in the resulting pop-up. Note that there is also an option for “Other” but you’ll need to provide details. Vote early (but you can’t vote often); polling ends September 12.

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