Renee Blodgett: Skype’s Blogger-in-Chief & Robert Scoble Chat about Social Media

Consider this a “Retweet for video”; in Renee’s dialogue/interview with/between Skype’s Chief Blogging Office Peter Parkes and Robert Scoble we learn a lot about the evolution of Skype’s approach to using social media.  Skype sees social media as a key channel for engaging customers in conversations as a complement to both their marketing and support activities.

Just to reinforce, Peter can be found on Twitter as @peteratskype listening for and responding to questions, comments and support issues.

And thanks to Renee for making this interview available.

Update: Dan York highlights a key statement made by Peter: Social media: Where brevity is appreciated, where clarity and simplicity win:

One phrase of Peter’s, though, stuck out in my mind as being so accurate about Twitter and really the whole current state of social media:

It’s actully quite refreshing to be able to work in an environment where brevity is appreciated, where clarity and simplicity win.

Indeed. A nice concise summary.

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