Skype Usage Infographic: Insightful July 2011 Statistics

Infographic-DayInTheLifeOfSkype.300pxYesterday on the Skype Big Blog Skype’s Jennifer Caulkin published an infographic, A day in the life of Skype, with some illuminating usage information:

  • 65 million people sign into Skype daily (certainly a confirmation that the order of magnitude of Hudson Barton’s “real user” count is in the ball park)
  • 30 million SkypeOut minutes per day represents about 4.3% of all Skype calling minutes, yet Skype has stated that about 8% of its users have Skype Calling Plan subscriptions. Probably the only deduction here is that “paid” calls to the PSTN are, on average, shorter than “free” Skype-to-Skype calls.
  • 42% of all Skype minutes are video calling. Certainly justifies Skype’s heavy promotion of video calling as well as its introduction to mobile devices. (And July does not include any video calling using Skype for iPad, launched August 2).

These numbers certainly set a benchmark for any other IP-based communications offering to match in terms of user adoption. And would they even want to publish similar usage numbers?

The one number that’s not updated is the number of active users during July, last reported as about 170 million in the previous quarter.

What’s your comment or insight on these numbers? Or other information you would like to see?

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