Qik Video Connect – Adding Support for Android

A month ago I wrote about the launch of Qik Video Connect, a video streaming and video mail service, on any iOS platform with a camera (iPad 2, iPhone 3GS and 4, later iPod touches with a camera).

Yesterday Skype announced that Qik Video Connect not only has an upgrade for the iOS versions but also is now supported on Android (2.1 – 2.3.3) smartphones.  Totally interoperable so that live video chat can occur between iPhones and Android phones.

One more point buried near the end of the blog post. Normally the premium service Qik Video Connect Plus is $2.99 on the iPhone and Android app store, but for the remainder of this week, it is free. However, Qik will provide a new revenue stream for Skype effective June 1, 2011 for the video mail service. Charges have not been stated.

As Andy Abramson stated, “At some point I expect the Skype platform and Qik platform to converge as the overlap in video is becoming more and more obvious.”

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