A Most Amazing Skype Call: Become an Organ Donor

Over the past several months Toronto has been the focal point for the journey of 21-year-old double lung transplant recipient Hélène Campbell who has created amazing awareness of organ donations not only across Canada but around the world. Her breakthrough came when her situation was tweeted last winter by Justin Bieber and then her subsequent appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Yesterday at a local press conference Hélène not only appeared with her parents and medical team to provide an update on her condition but the broke out dancing along with her parents and medical team; sign her up for Cirque! She also took time to acknowledge and thank the family of the organ donor.

Suffice it to say she has had an amazing recovery. But more importantly her enthusiasm and ability to articulate for her cause stand out every time she appears. CTV’s Canada AM did a two hour nationwide show on organ donations this morning. One more recognition: Helene received a well-earned Canadian Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Prime Minister earlier this week.

This afternoon she appeared once again, via a Skype call, on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Here’s the video that demonstrates that enthusiasm and her ability to articulate both her experience and her determination to continue to campaign for organ donations. And then watch her dance video at the end.

Her experience is not only a great example of what can be accomplished with modern medical technology assisted by Internet communications technology but more importantly why she deserved the right to continue to be around to make the world a better place for us all.

It’s well worth reading her mother’s recovery update post 8 to see the major role physiotherapy has played in getting her in the condition to dance so vigorously so soon after her surgery and the work with the medical team to get an appropriate drug balance.

Bottom line: While my cardiologist son had encouraged me to sign up for organ donation a while ago, it was this experience that triggered me to register for organ donation. Find your local organ donation link here and sign up.

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