Pamela 4.0 LogoPamela, the pioneering third party Skype conversation management utility, has evolved since its launch in 2004 into the premier utility for assisting your Skype activities with features such as call recording, conversation archiving, personalization, call scheduling and enhanced voice mail management. Its Rich Mood Editor, Emoticons, PamCasting and Blogging Support are amongst Pamela’s additional features.

Summary from Supplier
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Ideal for: All business persons who use Skype as a critical tool for their business communications.

Publisher’s Expertise and Background: The PamConsult team is the pioneer Skype partner, having done the initial German translation of Skype and having worked with the Skype API’s since they were first made available.

Contact Information:

Products and Services : Pamela has four versions:

  • Skype Extras: Call Recorder, Rich Mood Editor (free)
  • Basic, Standard and Professional:
  • Business (recommended): One-time $36.95, includes priority support
  • Multi-user licenses available


  • Skype: Version 3.6 or later (to take advantage of Call Transfer and High Quality Video recording)
  • Platforms: Windows

Product Acccess :

  • Skype Extras [Tools | Do More | Get Extras];
  • Download Pamela

Installation Comments: When installing you will be asked to agree with the license.

Product Review

Case Study

  • Radio Free Asia: A Skype-Facilitated Broadcast Service

Offerings and Pricing:

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