Voxeo is a hosting service for a variety of voice related business applications including IVR, conferencing services and proprietary enterprise business process applications amongst others. To encourage application development they provide a developer’s site with developer guides. Other applications deployed include auotmated speech recognition, school notification services, package tracking and a front end for voice biometrics authentication. Connections can be made via DID, 800-number with PIN, SIP and Skype. Summary from Supplier : Voxeo helps enterprises improve services and lower costs by automating and connecting their most common phone calls with IV and VoIP solutions.

Main Website : http://www.voxeo.com

Products and Services :

  • IVR server hosting
  • VoIP platforms hosting services
  • Voice Applications
  • Prophecy on-premise server license

Programming API Available : Yes

HTML Code Snippets Available : No

Main Category :Service Provider, Enterprise, Small Business

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