Subscription Monitor for Skype: So You Know When Time’s Up!

SaveOnPhoneService.logo Two weeks ago, in a post “Skype Modifies Fair Usage Policy”, I listed the modified terms and caps on usage for a Skype Calling Plan subscription, comprising both daily and monthly caps. But how do you know where you stand at any given point in time?

“UberOverLord” Don Kennedy’s Subscription Monitor for Skype is a stand alone client that can give you real time information including how many numbers you have called in a day (max = 50), how many minutes of SkypeOut calling you have spent in a day (max = 360) and how many minutes you have spent on SkypeOut calls in the current month (max = 10,000).

At his website “” Don gives a lengthy detailed description including who needs a subscription monitor:

Your Skype call history stored on your Windows system ONLY reflects the calls you made on that individual Windows system.

Example: If you use Skype on more than one computer, in your home, at work, at friends homes, you can’t get the total call history from those systems, if you have used more than one system during that day or that month.

If you use call transfer, you cannot get any information on the length of any transferred call, even from the system that transferred the call.

Of course you can go view your call history by logging on at the Skype web site and viewing your call history, but you had better have a pen and paper, and a good calculator, because:

Both Daily and Monthly Subscription Limits are based on GMT 0. Meaning, for example, If you live in Saint Paul, MN, where it is GMT -6 hours, the old day ends and the new day starts at 18:00 or 06:00PM

Those video display icons to the right of each number are green/yellow/red when you are <90%, hit 95% and exceed 96% respectively. You can download it here. A nifty utility for those who are spending a fair bit of time making SkypeOut calls, whether for personal or business use.

smfslocalresettimeUpdate: Daily totals are reset at midnight GMT=0; as a result Don has added a line that indicates the local time at which your daily totals are reset as shown at the left. (With the Daylight Saving time change last night I am in GMT-4.)

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