Skype Summer 2007 Mashup Competition

Innovation Alert: Challenging All MashUp Junkies!

Over the past couple of years the developer world has been challenged to innovate in a way that brings a higher degree of interactivity and more potential for web services such that we can envision being able to interconnect applications and data to serve a customized purpose whether for a large business audience or to satisfy an individual’s desire to experiment. Mashups are appearing as buttons and hyperlinks on websites and blogs, linking applications and data across a wide range of vertical market sectors. In fact the Programmable Web’s Mashup DashBoard is tracking mashups in real time and provides a daily view of the vertical markets served. (If you click on the diagram above to go to the Dashboard, you can click on each sector to find the mashups for the respective market sector.

As preannounced at Skype DevCon last week, today marks the launch of Skype’s Summer 2007 Mashup competition.. An example pointed out at the time was the then new Twitter4Skype mashup that brought your Twitter activity into into a Skype chat window. From the Mashup Competition wiki:

Ok, ok. So you’re thinking "aren’t mashups just another Web 2.0 bandwagon?"

Well hold your cynicism for a moment! We (in Skype Developer Program) think the time is right for a focused effort on Mashups. With professional mashup creator IDE’s, hundreds of API programs and thousands of mashups available, the time has never been better for mashups to make life better for users. If you’re in doubt about the number of opportunities for ‘creative plumbing’ check out: the Programmable Web mashup website/

Skype hires smart people, but we don’t profess to own every smart idea in the world. That is where you come in….

The ground rules include:

  • Competition is open now and runs to August 31, 2007
  • Mashup must include use of at least one Skype API call.
  • {secret hint heard at Skype DevCon} Entering an eBay – Skype or a PayPal – Skype mashup may unduly influence the judges
  • Third party reviews of MashUp contest entries are embargoed until 9:00 a.m. GMT Sept. 14, 2007

Both Phil and I are amongst the judges with the winners announced at Skype’s Prague developer event September 12, 2007. The winner will be invited to attend in Prague with transportation reimbursed by Skype..The winner will also receive other promotional exposure while the ten runners-up will also receive marketing and promotional assistance from Skype after Sept. 13.

While I can’t speak for Phil and the primary judging criteria are posted on the wiki, I will be looking for usability and value-add from either a consumer or business perspective, ease of implementation and operation, stability and "Is it a Purple Cow" within the Skype ecosystem? And I will add one more criteria: Is it a potential Voice 2.0 application?

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Looking forward to some innovative activity (especially with eBay, PayPal, Facebook, Google Maps, MySpace).

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