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At the Skype Developer Conference in June, Paul Amery, Director of the Skype Developer Program, committed to release a Public Platform Roadmap at the Skype Developer Days in Prague past this week. It happened.

Our mission at SDP is to enable developers around the world to bring Skype to more users and to enrich Skype users’ experience. We want to open our doors to all developers, small and large. In the long run, we aim to make the entire spectrum of features and services that are available to the end users also available to the developers via client APIs and web services. And we want external developers to work not only for the end users but also for other developers, creating middleware, wrappers, and tools.

The Roadmap Wiki. Key points:

  • They want to talk about the "public Skype API’s – in plural", due to the variety of operating system Skype clients and wrappers (Skype4Com, Skype4Java, Skype4Py) supported.
  • The Road Map has two key segments:

    • the first provides the delivery commitment for the next quarter (Q407) and
    • the second is an ongoing Idea Pool from which subsequent quarters’ commitments and priorities will be determined.
  • A window on the dynamics of issues being tracked in the Jira issue tracker categorized by bugs and feature requests.

The Developer Partners team at Skype is creating a RoadMappers Group who can register to contribute by editing this wiki.

For two years a Skype Roadmap has been a major request at the Skype Developers Conference, not to mention in the course of many of my discussions with developers. And web services support has been the number one outstanding feature request. Skype is now placing focus on these issues.

A key challenge to developer partners: with these additional tools coming along: can someone come up with that "innovative voice application" that meets Jeff Pulver’s criteria discussed here: "Something cool. Something that truly helps to redefine communications."

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