Skype DevCon Session: The Future of the API

The Session “Servers and Plug-Ins: The Future of the API“, led by Mat Taylor, Skype’s API Product Manager, provided the Skype API roadmap for the API’s over the next six to nine months. (Click the link above for the slideshow.)

Skype API: You Wanted MoreMat started out by reviewing the current status and highlighting what he felt were the top enhancement requests, based on feedback from the Skype developer community. He then went on to release the schedule for release of various new features:

  • June/July 06: New Extras Gallery, Skype 4 Java, Skypecasts API, SMS API, Skype 4 Web
  • Q3, 2006: Voice Access
  • Q4: 2006: Call Transfer API (Skype2Skype only); Personalisation API and Plugin Framework.
  • Early 2007: Call Transfer API (Skype2 PSTN)

Mat then provided more detailed information on the forthcoming releases, including a very complete discussion of the Plugin Framework. Some highlights and issues:

  • The new Skype 4 Web (IE beta – Firefox “soon”) became available yesterday (June 9) at the developer website. One needs to review the security issues associated with using this API (see slide 14). An example of its use is forthcoming at Netvibes, an AJAX-based personal web portal service where there will be Contact List, Messaging and History Widgets available.
  • Call Transfer APIThe Call Transfer API is probably the most in demand; however, its complexity is resulting in a two stage release.
  • The Voice Access API generated much interest in terms of whether it could be accompanied by additional “control” information. Answer, No, such information should go along with accompanying messaging information.
  • Mat provided an extensive discussion on the Plugin Framework; best to read the slides (23 – 34) for complete details.

Skype Journal would like to acknowledge the assistance of Multi-Link, Inc. in facilitating our attendance at eBay Live.

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