PamFax 3.0 – Free Faxing to PamFax Fax-in Numbers; More Horsepower to Deliver Faxes.

PamFax3.Logo Since its version 1.0 launch in late 2007, PamFax has provided an easy-to-use web-based fax service, that allows you to send faxes worldwide without any hardware requirements. Initially a fax sending service, PamFax 2.0 introduced features such as a Windows print driver, support for Mac and Linux and inbound faxing to a local number in your area code in 25 countries.

Over the past week Scendix, producer of the cloud-based PamFax service launched PamFax 3.0 with a focus on improving delivery speed, scalability, robustness and access. But to meet these goals they had to start over from scratch, building a newly architected back end that also incorporated new hardware to meet the growing demand for the service.

New features include:

  • PamFax3.loginoptions Faster fax delivery – in my recent experience, the new service was delivering faxes in one to three minutes as opposed to 15 to 30 minutes under the previous setup
  • More registration/login options: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and several others
  • Two plans for fax-in numbers:
    • Basic: provides fax-in number for 12 months that allows you to receive an unlimited number of faxes
    • Professional: provides fax-in number for twelve months, 20 fax pages to Zone 1 recipients per month and 33% discount for additional pages, unlimited storage of send and received faxes and “My Company” PamFax Manager to sign up employees and delegate PamFax credits as well as report on company fax activities.
  • Three free fax pages upon sign-up to check out the service
  • Every new registrant will receive a free Basic Plan for three months, including a fax-in number
  • Free faxing from PamFax to a PamFax fax-in number.
  • PamFax API’s – allows you to fully embed the PamFax functionality easily and quickly into your application or device

PamFax continues to offer:

  • A simple, straight forward five or six step process for sending a fax
  • Fax from a Windows/Mac/Linux client or online via a web browser
  • Operation from any web browser worldwide with no additional hardware requirement.
  • A portal to manage your fax activity
  • Fax status messages to e-mail, SMS and/or Skype chat
  • No minimum commitments
  • Support for over 100 file formats
  • Payment either pay-as-you-go or via PamFax Credit packs
  • No contracts or ongoing obligations

Often my posts on PamFax bring up the question of “who’s using faxes today”? With various alternatives for exchanging documents electronically, one would think that faxing is becoming passé. However, with billions of fax machines still attached to phone lines and the ongoing need for “recognized originals”, such as contract execution signatures, Scendix reports that their monthly page volumes continues to grow at a significant pace. And, were the market not still a significant one, Scendix would not have invested their resources since last summer in the  very extensive development of the PamFax 3.0 platform.

Yet, with PamFax, fax activity can become paperless and “totally green”. Sending documents involves simply attaching a document (in over 100 formats) during the fax set up process unless it is one that has to be scanned in. While there are options for printing received faxes, they can also simply be read on the user’s PamFax portal and printed only when absolutely necessary.

The Scendix team has prepared an “office drama” introductory video about how PamFax brings relief to the frustrations of faxing:

An introduction to PamFax from PamFax on Vimeo.

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