PamFax 2.0: Where Do They Get All Those Numbers?

PamFax.Voxbone.logos Recently launched PamFax 2.0 had three key new features:

  • Mac OSX compatible (in addition to Windows)
  • Lower “per page” pricing by up to 40%, and
  • Fax-In numbers in 27 countries

Signing up for a one year subscription to acquire a fax-in number is about a five minute process when you subscribe to PamFax Professional. What makes it possible to so easily obtain a “local” number in any of over one hundred cities in 27 countries? Short answer: Voxbone.

I first learned about Voxbone’s services when they were a major sponsor of eComm 2008 a year ago March. At the time CEO Rod Ullens told us how Voxbone was able to provision DID numbers in over 4000 cities in 47 countries worldwide at minimum cost. Last fall Voxbone launched their iNum service which creates “universal worldwide ‘local’ numbers” via the +883 country code. Customers for their basic DID services, who have been covered on Voice On The Web, include iSkoot, Calliflower, Mobivox,Truphone, OnState, Evoca and Voxeo.

PamFaxInNumberConfirmation When PamConsult CEO Dick Schiferli told me about their plans to add a receiving service to PamFax, they were looking for a way to easily provision and manage fax-in number subscriptions. At the time I introduced him to Voxbone’s Rod Ullens and the rest is history. But Voxbone does not simply provide fax-in numbers in 27 countries; according to a press release issued today:

Voxbone was uniquely equipped to bring several critical elements to Pamfax’s 2.0 offering:

  • An inventory of direct-inward dial numbers (DIDs) in 4,000 cities and 47 countries, out of which 27 will initially be available to PamFax subscribers to use as their personal fax numbers;
  • An IP interface to the telephone network that enables fax documents to be translated into TIFF or PDF data files;
  • An API for the automated delivery of these faxes to any software or Web site.

In other words, Voxbone is equipped not simply to “make the connections” involved in receiving a fax but also to ensure that formatting and delivery automation is appropriately handled when receiving a fax via PamFax.

Bottom line: Through Voxbone, documents faxed to PamFax Fax-In customers are delivered as PDF files which can then be printed, sent as email attachments, archived or otherwise viewed and transferred at the recipient’s discretion.

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