HiDef Conferencing Contributes to Credit Crunch

HiDef Conferencing LogoHiDef Conferencing, a leading audio conferencing service that incorporates HD Voice when accessed via Skype, but can also be accessed via designated country-specific numbers and toll-free 800 numbers, wants to assist those businesses and professionals who can save travel and meeting costs in today’s economic environment through teleconferencing services. As its key differentiator HiDef Conferencing is a server-supported business grade conferencing service with full host/moderator support as opposed to Skype’s multi-party conversation service (mistakenly called “Conference Calling”).

For their current customers they have waived their monthly subscription fees for the balance of 2008; new subscribers can now have a free trial that lasts until December 31, 2008.

What do you get?

  • Up to 25 participants in a conference.
  • Free Web Controls, Recording and Hand-raising
  • No reservations required
  • Unlimited Skype access duration
  • Participants responsible for long distance charges to the country’s HiDef Conferencing access number

Recall that not only do Skype-enabled participants have unlimited access to calls, they also have the benefit of Skype’s inherent high quality HD Voice wideband audio when both speaker and listener are participating via Skype. To quote Tom Evslin’s experience earlier this year:

I used to think the reason I have a hard time understanding people on the phone is because I can’t see their lips and their expressions. Now I realize much of the problem is the terrible audio quality – which we’re so accustomed to – of a traditional phone call.

Landline and wireless participants remain limited to the audio bandwidth inherent to the underlying landline or wireless service.

With an Outlook plug-in it’s easy to set up a call from Outlook; calls can also be set up via the HiDef Conferencing website.

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