A Banner Day for Skype Development Program

Today’s activities provided not only a glimpse into developments with the Skype Developer Program but also an inside view of the recipe for being a successful partner from one who has succeeded, namely, Lou Guercia and his Unyte team. While I will write up more detailed posts on individual over the next week, here is summary:

Lester Madden started off the day with a demonstration of the Skype Publishing Tool which provides not only integration for collecting payments associated with licensing Skype Extras and other Partner products but also significant flexibility for the Partner to set licensing terms, license pricing and promotional activities. Lou then concluded the session with a ten minute overview of Unyte’s history and how it took Patience and Persistence to achieve the results where, with the launch of Skype Extras, they have now had over 500,000 registered users – a doubling since the launch of Skype Extras in December, 2006.

I then met with Lou for a demonstration of the new Unyte 2.5 which incorporates a peer-to-peer to mode and a well as a Remote Assistance mode for Desktop Sharing as a escalation from Chat to Voice to Desktop Sharing all within the Skype client. Speed, the handling of cross platform screen resolution and color quality improvements were all noticeable in the product as a result of the new features.

I then attended Peeter Motskula’s session describing the five categories of API’s in more detail along with an overview of what they could accomplish. I then had a demonstration of Evoca’s new voice recording and recording management engines that provides unique hosting opportunities for incorporating voice into websites and podcasts along with other web services.

The final session today involved a presentation of Convenos Meeting Manager where we discussed the market for full web conferencing (as opposed to desktop sharing) and how Covenos has come about to be effectively positioned for the small to medium business market. Another story of persistence and patience that has resulted in recent significant success.

More on these over the next ten days but if I heard a consistent theme about Skype’s Developer Program, beyond the accomplishments of the past year, it was:

  • develop road maps (commercial and technical in Q3)
  • the infrastructure to support e-commerce and Digital Rights Management is now in place
  • Publishing Platform provides a high degree of marketing flexibility through Partner’s marketing decisions and activities
  • programs are coming to incorporate Partner feedback into the process of planning future developments.
  • Skype is looking for Best-of-Breed products to incorporate into its Extras and Partner programs.

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